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Who are we?

Careplan Financial Solutions was formed in October 2010 and specialises in Cashflow Management, Debt Reduction and Wealth Creation for busy individuals and families who want to improve their lifestyle through better financial management. Whether it be paying off the mortgage quicker, getting control over your finances or deciding on where to invest next, we can help you get there.

Our Principal Advisor Russell Williams CFP, has 16 years experience assisting everyday families improve their lifestyle by bringing clarity and peace of mind to their day to day finances and long term goals.

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Principal Adviser

Russell  Williams  CFP DipFP

Authorised Representative | GPS Wealth Ltd.

After graduating from Monash University in Engineering in 1991, Russell worked in various roles as a Sales Engineer from 1991-1996.

Russell then moved into a banking role and while completing his Diploma in Financial Planning part time, quickly became a Mortgage Lending Manager in 1997 before taking up a commission only Financial Adviser role in 1998.

Russell finished his Diploma in 2002 and became a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner in the same year.

After various adviser roles in life insurance, corporate superannuation, investment lending and financial planning, Russell formed Careplan Financial Solutions in 2010.

Drawing on his extensive and diverse experience in banking, lending and financial planning, Russell provides individuals, families and business owners with sound, practical and no-nonsense financial advice to help protect, build and review their financial wealth.

Russell aims to build long-lasting advice relationships with his clients, helping them understand and take ownership of their financial destiny.

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Invest for the future

Posted by: Russell Williams at 23:23, August 28 2017.

Investing bears no resemblance to gambling and, unfortunately past ‘form’ seldom provides an indication of future performance.

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